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January 19 and 20, 2023
Advanced facial reconstruction surgery in Dermatology


General program

Thursday, January 19, 2023
Anatomy Laboratory, Campus Carreire, University of Bordeaux

Minimalist approach to facial oncology surgery
Jean-Michel AMICI, MD, Introduction - 15 min.

Loco-regional anesthetic approach in dermatological surgery
Olivier COGREL, MD, 15 min.

Live Cadaver Head Training
Courses in the dissection room, on heads of fresh corpses


Techniques selected for this session:

Fronto-orbital region

  • Forehead: horizontalized vertical and oblique spindle (JYB)
  • Temple: square flap (JYB)
  • Lower eyelid: prevention of ectropion
    - Oblique horizontalized spindle (JMA)
    - Horizontalized IMRE and Mustard flap (OC)
    - Upper eyelid flap (JYB)

Nasal region

  • Limberg flap on ala of the nose (OC)
  • Superior and inferior bilobed nose flap or tip birhombic flap (JMA)

Lunch at the Family*

Lip: how to restore the line of demarcation (coronary artery and orbicularis muscle)

  • Bailly’s Flap (JYB)
  • Philtrum transposition flap (JMA)

Ear: specific techniques

  • Shred of Antia-Busch (JMA)
  • Gordon-Masson flap (OC)

Participant dinner

Friday, January 20, 2023
Dermatology Department, Saint-André Hospital, Bordeaux University Hospital

About the clinical case session

It's your turn to speak!
Send us your clinical case to comment on it live during the Friday afternoon session with the speakers and the guest of honor of the days.

* These indications may change.