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April 11 and 12, 2024
Advanced facial reconstruction surgery in Dermatology
Cadaver Course & Live surgery


General program

Thursday April 11, 2024
Anatomy Laboratory, Campus Carreire, University of Bordeaux

Introduction to the course “Minimalist approaches to facial oncological surgery”, gear up
Drs Jean-Michel AMICI and Olivier COGREL

Course on fresh corpse head
Dissection room

Organization of the day:

Participants dissect over 8 modules of one hour each, composed as follows:

  • 1 short and concise presentation of the repair and related operating techniques, by an expert (see breakdown, 10 minutes)
  • the expert carries out the live dissection demo (5 minutes) broadcast on the video screens in the room
  • then exercise for the participants on the head of a fresh corpse

The 8 modules are divided into 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon; the anatomical regions - which each include two modules - are:

  • the eyelids
  • the nose
  • the lips
  • ears

Distribution of participants

  • 7 dissection tables:
    • 1 reserved for experts
    • 6 for the 24 participants (4 per table with an instructor who advises and comments)


The instructors:

Techniques selected for these sessions:

Lower eyelid: prevention of ectropion

  • IMRE flap and Mustardé horizontalization
  • Upper eyelid flap

Nasal region

  • Limberg flap on the nose wing
  • Upper and lower bilobed nose flap or bi-rhombic flap on the tip
  • Fronto-nasal flap

Lunch at Family*

Lip: how to restore the demarcation line (coronary artery and orbicular muscle)

  • Transposition Advancement Flap on the lip (TAF)
  • Philtrum transposition flap

Ear: specific techniques

  • Antia-Buch flap
  • Gordon-Masson flap

End of the course

Participants’ dinner [location to come]

Friday April 12, 2024
Department of Dermatology, Saint-André Hospital, Bordeaux University Hospital

Welcome to the William DUBREUILH Library
1st floor of the Dermatology Department

“live surgery”

Lunch at Bistrot Régent
Place de la République, 50 meters from the hospital

Clinical cases from the guest of honor and participants in the afternoon
At the library

About the clinical case session

It's your turn to speak !
Send us your clinical case to comment on it live during the Friday afternoon session with the speakers and the guest of honor of the days.

End of the day

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